XIII Friedhof

Schiele family grave

Some of Egon Schiele’s family is buried here. The famous artist was born in Tulln on June 12, 1890. The Schiele family grave contains the mortal remains of Egon’s parents Adolf (1850-1905) and Marie (1862-1935) and of his older sister Elvira (1883-1893).

[Translate to English:] Familie Schiele, um 1893 (© Sammlung Gradisch (Foto: Christoph Fuchs) / Fotograf: Josef Müller)

Schiele family, ca. 1893 (© Sammlung Gradisch (Photo: Christoph Fuchs) / Photographer: Josef Müller)

Start of the circular special-theme trail: Tulln main station
Distance: 3.6 km
Duration: About 90 min.
Difficulty: Easy, unhindered access

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