Tulln's town square

Tulln's living room: Strolling across the historic town square

Experience variety: Culinary delights are a major part of Tulln. Experience the variety of Tulln's markets, enjoy regional delicacies in the garden city's inns and restaurants, and discover the historic city centre's many unique items.

Comfy and tasty - culinary in Tulln
SDuring summer, the town square isparticularly inviting, providing many opportunities to try a glass of regional wine, enjoy coffe and cake or simply watch the hustle and bustle of the historic city centre. The lovingly designed squares and comfy beer gardens lend Tulln a very special flair.

From traditional local inn cuisine to award-winning gourmet restaurants, youÄll find something to suit every taste in Tulln. Whether you prefer down-to-earth soul food or haute cuisine with a modern twist - have a seat, and bon appetit!

Shopping in the garden capital
Shoppers in Tulln experience a very special voyage of discovery. In addition to a multitude of different shops, the impressive historical backdrop creates a very particular flair, witz colorful shop windows alternating with striking buildings while you stroll through the city centre.

The Rosenarcade shopping centre in the town centre offers a modern shopping experience. However, there is also a lot to explore in the town centre streets. Here, you'll discover small traditional retailers and workshops where you can find unique souvenirs to take back home.