Nature at its most pristine: riparian forests in Tulln

The 450,000-square-meter water park with its revitalized old arms of the Danube is the largest contiguous section of lowland riparian forest in Tulln south of the Danube. An unspoiled 2.5 km wide belt of riparian forest extends along the north bank of the Danube.

A stroll through unspoiled riparian forest – where else could you be closer to nature?  Tulln intentionally reverted space to its natural state – e.g. with the Giessgang, an old arm of the Danube on the north bank of the river. The wetland forests on the north Danube bank is lush once again but back then large parts of it were threatened with drying out and turning into steppe. Today the Giessgang is an irrigation system and assures natural fluctuations of the water level.