Tulln blossomed at its first garden festival in 2015

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, ulln blühte

Blooming gardens, glittering parties and artistic garden worlds: Tulln, the Garden City, showcased its own impressive set of gardens and parks in 50 garden events from 10 to 19 July 2015

For the first time all the garden experts in Tulln – from GARTEN TULLN and the leading nurseries to citizens and clubs – joined forces to carry out this large-scale garden festival project coordinated by the city of Tulln. It involved a comprehensive lineup of themed events.


Garden adventures for lovers of the good life and active individuals

For active individuals, gartenFESTWOCHENtulln offered a full program in the midst of impressive landscapes and green spaces. They could choose from a tractor ride through a nursery, yoga in the garden and boating in the Danube wetlands to climbing the highest trees and producing their own honey.

 Ample attention was also given to culinary aspects. The many participating restaurants came up with specials, set menus and events that made many a mouth water.

Art worlds and garden knowledge

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Rathaus

But this festival did not revolve solely around gardens. After all, when nature and culture team up, extraordinary things can happen.

For instance, Donaulände became an art space, outdoor exhibitions and concerts delighted guests and projected lights transformed city hall into a gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art. At other events, knowledge was the focal point. In lectures, seminars and guided tours, people were given practical tips and tricks for their own gardens.

Tullnites opening their private gardens to the public

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, garten FESTWOCHEN Tulln

Not only businesses and clubs took part in this garden festival; many private individuals also did. 

Tullnites have a special attitude toward well-tended parks and gardens. Their commitment and their own gardens have contributed to Tulln's reputation as the Garden City. Fifteen proud garden owners in Tulln therefore opened the gates to their own private green oases as part of the garden festival. Up to 100 visitors per garden took this opportunity for a close look at these private oases. The visit was a special experience in combination with a bike ride with the Xandl Schmidhammer, the “Wild Gardener” and city gardener Mario Jaglarz.


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