Fotocredit: © Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Robert Herbst

... enjoying with all the senses

Tulln’s diversity is its strength. And this diversity can be summed up in a single phrase: top-quality leisure time activities. For the people of Tulln, this means a high quality of life and fine local recreation every day just outside their doorstep. For guests to Tulln, this means a destination for exceptional vacations and excursions. And one aspect is ever present no matter what: ecology and closeness to nature.

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Lebens- und Freizeitqualität

Action or relaxation, nature or culture, shopping or strolling? In the Garden City it is not a question of either/or. “Why not do it all?” is what the locals say. Tulln gets top scores for its balanced offerings in many different areas.

Tulln truly does have something for everyone – from art to nature, from culinary delights to entertaining shopping. And the city is compact, encouraging ecological means of transportation. In other words, Tulln is a very walkable town. If time is short, bicycles are also a good way to get around.

Tulln by bicycle and on foot

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Lebens- und Freizeitqualität

Good quality of life and top recreational activities with an ecological underpinning mean that locals and visitors can do without a car here. With NEXTBIKES available at a reasonable price around the clock, you can reach the well-looked-after facilities for recreation, general play and sports or the heuriger wine taverns of the region in a healthy, and environmentally friendly way.