Fotocredit: © Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Robert Herbst

With good conscience into the future

Careful conservation of natural resources

Tulln, the Garden City, is aware of its responsibility toward the environment and has made careful conservation of natural resources a priority.

In a cooperative effort by citizens, politicians and the city administration, energy autonomy was defined as the ambitious goal of municipal energy policy in 2006. Step by step, measures have been taken to achieve this goal. 

They have included thermal insulation programs, energy consulting, optimization of the energy consumption of municipal properties and the expansion of renewable alternative energy.

  • The construction of municipal properties with a low-energy design
  • District heating now supplied by a biomass-powered heating plant
  • Photovoltaic systems on roofs of municipal buildings
  • Fully biological, state-of-the-art municipal sewage treatment plant
  • Rain channeled in new housing developments to dry wells where the water is cleaned biologically and then fed back into the system
  • The municipal waste avoidance association has the best results in Lower Austria for recyclables
  • More than 30 roundabouts ensure free-flowing traffic and fewer emissions