Messe Tulln

Messe Tulln has been putting on about ten trade fairs of international caliber each year for more than 60 years. Among the highlights on the fair calendar are trade fairs on horticulture, boats and dogs. The portfolio of Messe Tulln stands up well to any international comparison. The five-day international horticulture fair alone attracts some 100,000 visitors from Austria and abroad each and every year.

Further highlights during the trade show year:

In addition, the exhibition halls are popular venues for and frequently booked for big events such as Musikantenstadl (a TV entertainment program showcasing German, Austrian and Swiss folk music) and the big Tulln flea market.

Address & contact details
Messegelände 3430 Tulln / Donau
P: +43 (0) 2272 624 030