By the Tulln harbours, the fountain, the natural swimming lake, while boating in the water park or other recreational activities by the water. You can feel everywhere that Tulln is characterised by water.


Tulln harbours

As a trip guest on a Danube cruise ship or as a captain on your own boat - on trips on the Danube Tulln always makes a good stop! The guest harbour and the boat docking area are right in the centre, just a 5-minute walk from the main square. For longer stays, moorings are also available in the yacht harbour.


Scheduled boat trips

Let the landscape glide past like a painting from a river boat. Several companies operate magnificent ships or ferries on the Danube and sail in the Tulln Danube area between Wachau and Vienna. More detailed information is available here or at the tourist information Tulln.


Donaulände & Donaubühne

The Donaulände is the attractively designed and charmingly tended centre of the garden and art town of Tulln by the Danube. It is just a short walk or leisurely cycle ride from one sight to the next. The Donaubühne is Europe’s largest river stage on which gripping open-air concerts are held from June to August with local and international stars.


Tulln fountains

Around 25 fountains in the Tulln municipal area show the Danube town’s association with water. However, a fountain is not just a fountain - as an art town, Tulln is aware of its design obligations and magnificent water worlds have been created that invite you to pause and admire them. You can find further information about the fountains here.


The Tulln natural swimming lake

Close to the town but still surrounded by greenery - this combination makes the lake and the extensive leisure park a perfect recreational oasis. Two water slides, a swimming octopus, a sandy beach and a playing stream ensure there will not be a dull moment for children. Whether it is fun in the water, a boat ride across the natural lake, sports activities or leisurely enjoyment - you are allowed to do what you like.

Boating at the water park

You can explore the ramified network of 5 km of waterways by boat, with varied naturalshire and water plants and under the canopy of the mighty wetland forest. Whether you are paddling adventurously with the children through the Tulln wetland forests or are drifting with your loved one through the still waters under romantic moonlight - boating at the Tulln water park is an experience that you will not forget too soon!