Donaulände, flower steps, water park, DIE GARTEN TULLN... - the garden town Tulln offers many places suitable for a beautiful photo.

The garden town Tulln offers many places suitable for a beautiful photo! We would be delighted if you would share special moments during your stay in Tulln with your friends and us with the hashtag #tullnerleben.

Donaulände und Blumentreppe

A perennially popular photo motif is the Donaulände with its elaborate garden design. By the Nibelung fountain, right by the Danube or at the newly designed flower steps by the guest harbour you can gather beautiful memories of your stay in the garden town.

Tulln main square

The main square with its historical buildings has already been a film set a number of times and visitors like to photograph it.

Water park

For those who would like to capture pristine nature on photos, the Tulln water park with its natural wetland forest and winding waterways is recommended.

Natural swimming lake and leisure park

The natural swimming lake and the leisure park with idyllic paths and romantic spots is popular both for landscape and portrait photos. There are many jetties and benches for romantic photos. Families like to photograph at the sandy beach, the playing stream and the playing ship “Noah’s Ark” for small children.


More than 70 ecologically maintained show gardens offer a wide range of attractive photo motifs. Here you can photographically capture ideas for your own garden, as well as memories of your time at GARTEN TULLN. By the large adventure playground you can take beautiful photos with shining children’s eyes.