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Tulln is flowing...

Tulln is a city of water – but not only because the Danube flows directly by the historical center! Some 25 fountains in the municipality of Tulln indicate the close bonds of this Danube city with the element of water.


But one fountain is not like another – as a city of art, Tulln takes its design and esthetic responsibilities seriously and has created magnificent water worlds for people to admire, to romp in and to take a break from everyday routines.

Tulln fountains

Nibelung Fountain on DonauländeThe fountain of the Monument to the Nibelungs is a sight to behold on summer nights. An integrated and esthetic light-water-stone composition of the fountain sculptor Hans Muhr lends the artwork even more depth:  the fountains of water rise out of an open book – Lay of the Nibelung. The spouts alternately become stronger on each side until the streams of water finally touch and mix.

District Fountain on Hauptplatz
The Tulln District Fountain was created in 1991 to mark the 1,200th anniversary of the city of Tulln. The coats-of-arms of all municipalities in the District of Tulln are attached to the outer curvature of the fountain as a symbol of unity and cooperation.

Playing-Fountain on Hauptplatz
Hauptplatz, the main square is Tulln, is fondly called the “open-air living room” of the town – and every living room has an area especially for kids! In the summer, kids can play in the water in the fountain in front of the district commissioner’s office: The fountains spring up out of the ground – on four different sides and at different heights!

Rathausplatz Fountain
Rathausplatz Fountain in front of the city hall was built in the course of the renovation of the main square (Hauptplatz) around the Baroque Marian Column and is an inviting place to linger with its plantings and seating.

Hermes Fountain on Rudolfstrasse
The Hermes Fountain complete with a statue of the Roman god Mercury was built in 1994 at the corner of Rudolfsstrasse and Wiener Strasse and is meant to represent Tulln as a city of commerce. In Antiquity, Mercury was considered the tutelary god of commerce and travelers.

Sphere Fountain in front of the Monastery of the Friars Minor
A monument to Archimedes! In his Archimedes’ principle, the Greek mathematician and inventor calculated that the upward buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces. The Sphere Fountain consists of a nearly two-ton marble sphere that is turning in the water. The fountain is directly in front of the Monastery of the Friars Minor and was put into operation in 1993.

Rose Fountain
Wrought in iron and copper, this artistic fountain represents a rose around which water washes in the middle of an actual bed of roses. The Rose Fountain was built by Josef Tasler in the course of the renovation of the Capuchin Monastery.

Fountain at Königstetterstrasse playground
This fountain forms the center of the children’s playground on Königstetterstrasse next to the Laubengang municipal housing complex and is a communication hub for parents who can watch their children play from this vantage point.

Leopold Figl Fountain on Messegelände
The Leopold Figl Fountain on the fairgrounds in Tulln (Messegelände) was installed back in 1969 on completion of the first section of the water engineering project in Tulln. Then Lower Austrian Governor Figl personally presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the new water supply system in 1964 and the fountain therefore bears his name. Figl died that same year. The fountain is cubic in shapes with large and small basins in which the fountains flow horizontally and vertically.

Water games at GARTEN TULLN
On its premises, GARTEN TULLN has hourly water games at places where visitors can sit down for a while to watch and forget all their cares. This unique experience includes synchronized music so it is a delight to eyes and ears.

Welcome Fountain on the S5 express highway
The fountain on the S5 exit extends an impressive welcome to everyone who takes the Tulln exit of the express highway coming from Vienna: The word “TULLN” is written in large letters and washed around by water, flanked with flags and embedded in a sea of roses.

Mermaid Fountain at the roundabout at the entrance to the city
One of the newest fountains in Tulln is in the center of the roundabout at the entrance to the city. A mermaid is sitting on a rock to greet guests to Tulln with water washing around her in a water game in her pond. The fountain was built in 2009.

Globe Fountain roundabout
In the center of the roundabout is a steel globe representing the earth. The plants are climbing up all over it, making the world green in the process. Around the globe is a foam nozzle fountain with waterfall bordered by a patch of lawn with little boxwoods.

City park roundabout
In the center of this roundabout built in 2005 is a high-jet fountain bordered by a curtain of water pointing toward the center of the city. Rounding off the design is the landscaping around the fountain featuring a boxwood hedge.

North and West roundabouts
In the middle of the roundabouts at the north and west entrances to Tulln are two identical  fountains framed in landscaped greenery. With this combination of water and plantings, the fountain welcomes the guests to the Danube city of Tulln, famous for its gardens.

Anchor Fountain roundabout
The Anchor Fountain at the roundabout near Tulln Waterworks I was installed during the completion of the first section of the south bypass. Directly in the center of the roundabout is a large ship’s anchor around which water fountains are washing.

Port Fountain roundabout
The Port Fountain is in the middle of the roundabout by the access road to the marina (Tullner Yachthafen).

Buchinger Fountain roundabout
The fountain in this roundabout was built in the course of redesigning the junction and the erection of the parking garage on Frauentorgasse.

Starkl roundabout
This fountain decorates the roundabout to the exit to Frauenhofen in the direction of the garden center Gärtnerei Starkl. The varied small trees and bushes draw attention especially because they are so neatly trimmed.

Fire department roundabout
The Fire Department Fountain is on Langenlebarner Strasse in the center of the roundabout to the bypass and was designed by fountain builder Hans Muhr. Steel pipes are placed around a tower-like structure and various fountains of water depict the fighting of a fire. The spectacle is especially imposing in the dark thanks to special-effect lighting.

Severin roundabout
This system was installed in 2004 in commemoration of the patron of St. Severin’s Parish. Severin, an itinerant monk from an upper class Roman family, was highly significant as an organizer and diplomat in Noricum at the end of Roman rule for the threatened population as their intercessor with the Germanic chieftains. He was active in the Danube region from 450 onward and died in 482. The milestone is a copy of the Roman milestone of Nitzing on the road to Königstetten, which was set in 217/218 by order of Emperor Macrinus. It contains the detailed imperial title and “from St. Pölten 26 miles” as distance information.

Lion Fountain
The Lion Fountain is located on Bahnhofstrasse at its junction with Kirchengasse.

Pfarrstrasse Langelebarn Fountain
This fountain was built in connection with the redesigning of Pfarrplatz in front of the church in Langenlebarn.

Fountain on Brombeer-Weg
This drinking fountain is in the center of a square with a village-like character.