Fotocredit: © Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Robert Herbst

Tulln: vibrant city of gardens

From the elemental lowland riverside forest to the trendy chill-out oasis, from mystic misty woods to blossoming florist garden: No other city in Austria is so dedicated to the verdant outdoors as Tulln. And nowhere else do people garden as sustainably as in this cheery city of flowers.

Magnificent Colors

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, stadtgaertner

Visitors come to Tulln to experience greenery and plant life in a multitude of forms with all five senses. The international horticultural show has been a major draw for visitors all over the world. 

Since 2008 GARTEN TULLN has provided a further attraction for garden lovers. 


There is an abundance of lush green vegetation besides the lovely parks and gardens. From the Aubad in the east to the Water Park in the west, you are sure to find idyllic oases to relax and get away from it all or plenty of space for fun and games. 


For Tulln, sustainability is more than just a passing catchphrase. In 2007, Tulln became the first city in Lower Austria to initiate natural management of its 137 acres of public parks and garden spaces. The colorful appearance of the city is further enhanced by the well-tended gardens and yards of local residents. The flower-loving residents of Tulln have already been given two gold medals by Entente Florale in the competition for the most beautiful flower city in Europe.

Garden Summer: events for lovers of green space

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Model Blumen hockend Gieskanne_Lackinger_Helmut

During Garden Summer Lower Austria there are many events featuring colorful attractions for gardening enthusiasts and anyone else keen on spending stimulating and relaxing hours in the gardens of Lower Austria. In Tulln GARTEN TULLN leads the way with an incredible array of gardens.

In the full-moon nights during Garden Summer, you can also enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in the water park until 11 p.m. and explore nature from within a boat.

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Garten

Awards for the Garden City

Numerous national and international prizes prove that Tulln is interested in more than just a little floral prettification: Tulln is a two time recipient of the gold medal of Entente Florale as one of the most beautiful flower cities in Europe and of the International Award for Livable Communities. And those are far from being the only awards Tulln has received for its verdant landscaping and life style:

  • Entente Florale – Most Beautiful Flower City in Europe: 1994 (silver), 2001 (gold), 2008 (gold)
  • International Award for Livable Communities: 2004 (bronze), 2009 (silver)
  • Decorative Flowers in Lower Austria (Blumenschmuck in NÖ): 1981, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1996
  • Most Tree-Friendly Municipality in Lower Austria: 2001, 2002, 2004
  • Hans Czettel Prize for the Environment and Conservation: 2007, 2013

The awards show that the city’s big commitment has paid off. Tulln invests seven percent of its total annual budget in public green space. Every year 75,000 daffodils, 20,000 pansies, 10,000 tulips, 2,400 Cana lilies and 35,000 summer annuals bloom in public green spaces. In addition, there are 35,000 ornamental and flowering shrubs, not to mention 70,000 roses. Tulln residents also do their part with lovely plantings in front of their homes and on their balconies. Everyone in Tulln pulls together to make sure the city lives up to its reputation as the Garden City.