History comes alive at the Roman Museum

As you look at the hustle and bustle on the main square in Tulln, it is fun to remember that people were scurrying across this same spot 2,000 years ago. The Roman Museum in Marcus Aurelius Park can help to trigger your imagination. It exhibits a host of original finds, plus pictures, figurines, dioramas and models that show visitors what life was like at the Roman Cavalry Fort Comagena from about 90 AD to 488 AD.

Visitors can learn interesting things about the Roman province of Noricum. They are provided with an illustrated documentation of other Roman fortifications in the Tulln area plus a depiction of military life at Fort Comagena. A model of the fort indicates its footprint in the current town map. We walk many of the same streets today that the Romans did.

Getting a sense of ancient Roman civilian life

Visitors can admire extensive objects documenting civilian life: jewelry, glasses and pottery, inscription stones and remains of tombs plus a large hoard of coins. A couple in Celtic costumes shows the clothing of the local populace. 

A wall fresco painted in accordance with original finds illustrates Roman domestic culture also along the frontier of the empire. In addition, the Roman Museum offers finds consisting of a selection of grave goods to show burial customs.

Documentation on the Imperial Convent

A separate space near the Roman Museum is devoted to the “Imperial Convent.” In a small but modern exhibition, the documentation explains the origins, history, owners and administration of this Dominican convent in Tulln and the life of the nuns who lived there. 

Marc Aurel-Park 1b
A-3430 Tulln/Donau
P: 02272 690 189


April to the beginning of November, Wednesday–Sunday and holidays 10 a.m.–5 p.m. 

Visits at other times are available for groups if arranged in advance.

Admission charges: 

Adults: € 4.50. In groups: € 3.50. 
Military conscripts, students, apprentices: € 3.50
Pupils up to 18 years: free entry

€ 1.00 discount with the Tulln Ticket
Free admission with the Niederösterreich CARD!

Guided Tours:

The team of the experts at the museum is happy to conduct tours about ancient Roman times. Simply call +43 (0)2272 690 189 during regular hours to make arrangements. For schools, the museum offers educational programs tailored to specific age groups. 

The Roman Museum Tulln is a recipient of the Austrian museum quality mark.