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Egon Schiele Museum – the beginning

“He spent every free hour he had out in the meadows along the brook or in the woods drawing with colored pencils, sheet after sheet of his sketching pad.”

This is how a friend of the family remembered the teenager Egon, who had just started his studies at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. It is no wonder that the subjects of his early oil paintings are cityscapes and landscapes. His initial successes with exhibitions began when the sixteen year-old showed his work together with established artists of Klosterneuburg.

Early Paintings in the Egon Schiele Museum
The current exhibition features Egon Schiele’s early paintings. While the artist created these works in his teen years shortly after enrolling in the Vienna Academy, their image content clearly points to Klosterneuburg. Town and landscapes are the dominant themes of these early oils, which are mostly based on sketches from nature. The current exhibition at the Egon Schiele Museum features sixteen oil paintings form 1907 and 1908, which makes it the most comprehensive show ever devoted to Schiele’s early paintings. It brings together the complete respective holdings of Landessammlungen Niederösterreich as well as works from Städtische Sammlung Tulln and private collections.

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Learning from Schiele

The Egon Schiele Museum offers age-specific educational programs with playful approaches to art and one’s own creative works along with dialog-based guided tours.
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Reading about Schiele

Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Das Buch "Egon Schiele - Der Anfang"

A comprehensive book with the same title as the exhibition delves into Schiele’s early years, combining the latest biographical findings on the artist with an analysis and depiction of his most important works. “Egon Schiele – Der Anfang” was published by Herder-Verlag in 2013.

It is available at the Schiele Museum for € 29 (instead of the regular price of € 34.90). For further information and details on the life and work of Egon Schiele: Homepage Egon Schiele Museum